Who We Are:

Quantum Microwave Components is a marketplace where designers can get leading edge cryogenic and room temperature microwave and millimeter-wave products with same day shipping. Our goal is to get engineers the tools the need fast to accomplish their goals.

Quantum Microwave is a manufacturer and distributor providing Microwave Components for Quantum Computing, Radio Astronomy, and millimeter-wave waveguide systems.

We have partnered with industry leaders to get customers the best products in the industry.

Who are our partners?

We are the Technical Sales in the Americas for Low Noise Factory. The best LNA’s in the industry, serving Quantum Computing and Radio Astronomy.

We are the Worldwide Technical Sales and Distribution for Raytheon BBN’s cryogenic products. Including a 5-7 GHz Wide Bandwidth Josephson Junction Parametric Amplifier with a Noise temperature: 295 mK @ 6.8 GHz.

We also have our own line of Cryogenic Microwave Components. Such as Bias Tee’s, Terminations, Attenuators, Couplers, Diplexers, IR Filters, Band Pass Filters, and more.

We are the US, Canada, and Australian sales for Sweden Quantum. They offer a new innovative Low Pass Infrared Filter that has super low loss from DC to 10 GHz (less than 0.15 dB) and is non-magnetic. This filter absorbs IR radiation.

We are the North America Sales for ConScience: Cryogenic 4 channel Qubit-in-a Box QiB0.

We are the North America Sales for Silent Waves: Cryogenic 4 to 8 GHz wide bandwidth TWPA’s

We work on designing microwave products up to 325 GHz such as amplifiers, multipliers, mixers, isolators, circulators, waveguides and more.

Quantum Microwave is a Technical Sales & Manufacturing Marketplace for Leading Edge Microwave Components. Where the best customer service is our culture.

Meet the Quantum Microwave Team

Andy CobinPresident 


Carine Cobin Vice President


Justin CobinBusiness Development Manager


Antonio PatiñoShipping Manager