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Quantum Microwave Products

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Cryogenic Products,  Mixers, Multipliers, Bias Tees, Filters, and more

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Low Noise Factory Products

State-of-the-art room temperature and cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers, Isolators and Circulators

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Raytheon BBN Products

Raytheon BBN is developing next generation technology, and exploring new ways to apply it to computing, sensing, and communication. 

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Sweden Quantum Products

Sweden Quantum is start-up company that was founded during the spring of 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is a spin-off from research at Chalmers University of Technology where we have strong research connections in microwave engineering and quantum technology. Chalmers University and the city of Gothenburg has become a stronghold for quantum technologies from where Sweden Quantum has emerged.

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Noise Tech Products

NoiseTech Microwaves develops fast impedance generators used for ultra-fast and accurate noise parameter measurements.

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