Today’s industry demands the best performance.

Example: LNA’s for CubeSat’s and Weather Radiometers need the lowest Noise Figure and low power consumption.

In this tech brief we will explore why we believe constant current biasing is more reliable and achieves improved performance and reliability on LNA’s and Power Amplifiers.

  1. Constant Voltage:  Any voltage above the Amplifier bias becomes added unnecessary power dissipation and creates internal heat, reduced reliability & reduced PAE, and increased Noise Figure.
  1. Internal heat in LNA’s increase the Noise Figure, increase power consumption, and decrease the life.
  2. Internal heat in Power Amplifiers increases power consumption, generates internal heat, and reduces reliability. Then larger outlines are needed and extra heatsinking required to remove the added unnecessary heat.
  1. Constant Current: The current is set for the lowest NF on LNA’s and for the best PAE on Power Amplifiers. The voltage rises to the correct potential. There is no unused current or voltage. There is no added internal heating. The result is improved reliability and lowest achievable Noise Figure on LNA’s and PAE on Power Amplifiers. The amplifier is operating in the most reliable state and longest MTBF.

Quantum Microwave is the US and Canada Distributor for Low Noise Factory. These LNA’s are used in Microwave Room Temperature and Cryogenic LNA Systems from 100 MHz to 115 GHz.

Some of the LNA Customers are Radio Astronomy, Quantum Research, Deep Space Network, CubeSat’s, Weather Radiometers, Weather Radars, and Communication Links. When looking for the lowest Noise Figure Low Noise Factory has the solution.

All Low Noise Factory’s LNA’s are designed for Constant Current Operation. The LNAs from Low Noise Factory use 100 nm InP HEMT MMIC process to cover 100 MHz to 115 GHz. InP HEMT Technology benefits in the lowest Noise Figure, lowest power consumption, widest bandwidth, and operates from room temperature and cryogenic temperatures. Since these amplifiers are MMIC based and the outline sizes are small and the performance is consistent from unit to unit.

Other Manufactures use GaAs PHEMT MMIC’s or Discrete Hybrid components. LNF’s InP HEMT process is superior in LNA’s for performance and consistency from unit to unit.

The Low Noise Factory Constant Current Power Supply is part number LNF-PS_3. This is a compact power supply designed for LNF’s Low Noise Amplifiers. The drain voltage is regulated and adjustable within a wide range, and the gate voltage is automatically and continuously adjusted to give a set drain current. Vd and Id are clearly displayed on the LCD screen for easy bias control. The power supply accepts 100-250 VAC, 50- 60 Hz.

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