cryongenic-lnaCompact Stackable Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers.

Low Noise Factory has developed a new line a small compact cryogenic LNA’s. As the demand increases for more complexity in Cryogenic Systems. The need for smaller components has become essential. LNF has the smallest foot print while maintaining the industries best Low Noise performance.

Low Noise Factory’s new ultra-low noise cryogenic amplifiers are ultra slim and stackable. The LNA is packaged in a module using Corning Gilbert G3PO coaxial connectors. The lightweight gold plated aluminum module measures only 19.80*20.80*3.556 mm. The LNA’s are stackable with a 140-mil pitch, suitable for Corning Gilbert G3PO multi-position blocks.

1. LNF-LNC03_14SA:
300 MHz to 14 GHz, Noise: 4.1K, Gain: 42dB, DC: Vd=0.70V, Id=14mA

2. LNF-LNC4_16SB:
4 to 16 GHz, Noise: 3.7 K, Gain: 43dB, DC: Vd=0.70V, Id=14mA

3. LNF-LNC4_8D:
4 to 8 GHz, Noise: 2.1K, Gain: 40 dB, DC: Vd=0.50V @ 8mA

4. LNF-LNC6_20SC:
6 to 20 GHz, Noise: 5.5 K, Gain: 36dB, DC: Vd=0.70V, Id=14mA

End Use: Cryogenic LNA Systems, Radio Astronomy, Quantum Research, Quantum Computing, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Radiometers, Weather Radars, CubeSat’s, 5G receivers.

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Quantum Microwave